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etomic13 06-01-2007 11:20 AM

freeware video convert
I need a Freeware program to convert my .FLV video files into any format that iMovie will work with. I need it so I can make AMV's. Thanks.

Sexy Patrol 06-01-2007 04:15 PM

How long are the clips? I know that you can use Visual Hub for free, but it has a 2 minute limit. I don't know of any unrestricted freeware converters. Visual Hub costs $20 to unlock.

baggss 06-01-2007 04:34 PM

You can try iSquint, but I'm not sure it will work. It's a free version of VisualHub, sort of.

86Apex 06-01-2007 09:51 PM

Give ffmpegX a try.

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