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    Question Editing Actors show reels
    I have a good basic knowledge of final cut pro. I have mainly captured footage from DV or Video no problem, but resentley a few actor friends of mine have asked me to put together their best clips on one DVD, this too has gone well, until one mate had all his clips on DVD.... this is the problem how do you get DVD into my time line start to finish? I feel like the answer to this could be a long one...... Sorry.

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    many ways...

    1) easiest : use Handbrake or MediaFork to rip the dvd into a MOV file format
    2) hook up a dvd player and play it through a capture card if you have one and play the dvd back like if it was going into a tv, just have it hooked into the card instead.
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    Thanks for getting in touch powerbookG4 I'll try Handbrake opption. cheers.

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