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Thread: Ripping DVDs using Elgato Turbo 264

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    Jul 13, 2006
    Ripping DVDs using Elgato Turbo 264
    Has anyone got their hands of one of the new Elgato video encoding sticks and, if so, can it be used to encode DVDs directly? I've ben told "NO" by a reliable source but then I read the following from Reg Hardware:

    "Pulling a standard-definition MPEG 2 movie of 1h 55m 58s duration straight off a DVD took Turbo.264 28m 23s to rip and convert to its iPod Standard pre-set. Setting HandBrake to match Turbo.264's settings - 320 x 240 resolution, 128Kbps 48kHz AAC audio, 768Kbps encoding rate, 30fps - ripped the same video and saved it as an H.264 file in 59m 33s, a little more than twice as long"

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    Jul 13, 2006
    I've managed to answer my own question. I downloaded the latest version of the software from the Elgato website (even though I do not yet own the hardware). I then inserted a DVD and dragged the desktop icon onto the Turbo .264 application. It showed it as a VOB file ready to encode. Of course without the hardware I couldn't do anything with it, but at 2-3 times the speed of Handbrake/ internal processor, I'll be ordering soon.


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    I saw this device only a few weeks ago and even though I wouldn't have much use for it thought it was an incredibly cool idea
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