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    Disc image
    Hey everyone - I'm quite new to copying DVD's, and I'm hoping for some input. I'd like to make copies of several of my DVD's, and I know I can rip them with Handbrake, etc. My question is this though... So far as I can see, Handbrake can only rip a DVD as one large file, so if I wanted to replicate the menu operation of the original DVD, I'd have to import that big file into iMovie, and basically construct the opening title, chapter buttons, and chapter breaks from scratch. Is there any way to just rip a DVD so it's a disc image, and burn it directly onto a DVD so it operates right out of the burner just as if it were a new DVD movie straight from the store? I've seen people with bootlegged copies of movies that look/operate just as an original disc would, so I know it's possible. Any ideas? By the way, I'm not looking to bootleg anything. I just want to have some copies of my own DVD's at both of my residences and have a way to keep from having to buy them over again after my kids scratch them.

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    DVD Copy for Mac Version

    It allows you to select subtitles and audio tracks to create customized DVD copy, to optionally remove DVD menus, to copy the main movie separately preserving anything you want.

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    Also keep in mind that you would need a double-layer burner and 8GB dvd discs if you want to preserve all of it. Most modern DVDs are huge... So it's handy to strip the dvd of anything you don't really want.

    But if your just going to store copies on your Mac, that shouldn't be a problem.
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