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    .mov file help!!
    how do i compress a .mov file so i can email it. I made a slideshow with music and about 80 pictures in iphoto and made a .mov file out of it and want to share it. I would like to email it to grand parents etc. so they can play it. suggestions

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    In QuickTime
    File -> Share
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    thanks, i guess my problem was that i needed to upgraded to QT Pro. another 30 bucks. the other problem that I'm running into is that mail program is closing unexpectedly while the .mov is being exported to it from QT. ideas?

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    Is the file pretty large? Maybe too large to be an attachment still?

    Export the slideshow, then import it to iMovie, then Share>>Quicktime>>Expert Settings

    Select .mov format then 'Options' button. Set the bitrate lower, and the audio to 64 bit, 24000 Khz, see if that helps...if any of this has wrong units, sorry, not in front of my mac right now.


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