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    Trouble moving VOB files to HD
    I have a DVD of Xbox 360 screen capture (using my DVD recorder) in the VOB format and if I try to copy them to my Hard Drive from my iMac's DVD reader, they just fail at random points in the file (with a -36 error).

    Is this something wrong with my DVD reader?

    Any help gratefully appreciated, as I'm presently downloading the files onto my mp3 player via my linux PC and transferring them to the HD that way. Which is a pain to say the least.

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    MPEG Streamclip.

    Drag the .vob file/s you want from the DVD into MPEG Streamclip. If there are additional .vob files associated with the one you’ve dragged into the program, you’ll be asked if you’d like to import all the parts. Yes, you would.

    Then just save them to your Hard Drive.

    This is the method involved when the DVD has a movie on it. I don't know if this will also work for your collection of stills. You can only give it a go IMO.

    You could also try opening the DVD using VLC.

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    The content is a movie, and previously all I did was drag the VOB file from the DVD to my HD and then run it through DIVA to get into an avi that doesnt work, as it fails in the copying stage.

    I've just tested with a bought DVD (The Big Lebowski...brilliant movie ) and was able to copy a 1Gb VOB file to the HD without any problem, so I guess the optical drive is fine. However I also tried an old DVD of captured 360 output that I had previously copied and ran through DIVA without any problems and i'm unable to copy any of the VOB files from it successfully.

    This has me you think trying a different brand of recordable DVDs would help?

    p.s. I tried your MPEG Streamclip suggestion but it hung on copying the VOB file also.

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