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Thread: Missing the icon preview for Movies? Solution here!

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    Missing the icon preview for Movies? Solution here!
    Hi everyone,

    I am a recent Mac convert (about 3 months). I like everything about Mac OSX - everything but one thing: there are no previews in icon view for movie files. I have over 1000 home videos taken with various digital cameras over the years (*.avi, *.mpg, *.wmv) and it is next to impossible to find the movie I am looking for. Sure, I have them in folders by year and then subfolders by quarter but I have 50-100 movies in some of these folders.

    I just found this great app:

    You just drag your folders onto this app and it will automatically change your icons to a preview of your movie.

    Try it out! It works with PDF, doc, xls and more! It is donation ware. I have no affiliation with it.

    Here is hoping that Leopard includes this feature!!!! Apple please!!!!!

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    Actually if you're in column view mode, you can view movie previews in the Finder:

    Apple has also announced "Quick look" to improve this area:

    Quick on the draw
    Sometimes you just don’t want to wait. That’s why Leopard introduces Quick Look, a new way to preview a document, picture, or slideshow in a single click, without opening an application. Select a search result and Quick Look displays the result — an iPhoto snapshot, a PDF, an Address Book contact — in a graphic overlay. Quick Look even plays your QuickTime movies, right in the preview window.

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    I see the lack of icon preview in the icon view mode as a huge limitation in OSX. We have 1000's of videos of our kids, I like to open up a year folder and then be able to view the movie icons just like I would a picture icon to hone in on which one I want to view. Column view is useless when I have 100+ videos. I would have to click on each one to find the one I am looking for.

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