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tastyshoe 05-16-2007 07:10 AM

imovie 6 minute limit?
I'm doing a presentation in imovie and am about halfway through and i can't add any more pictures or clips, up to 5min 59 seconds. I've been through and deleted a load of music on my hard drive but it still won't let me add more stuff.

Any ideas on sorting it out? I'm on one of the last g4's with plenty of RAM and about 5gigs of spare HD space (can delete more crap if necessary).

Any help? i'll repay you in the afterlife..!

fiveightandten 05-16-2007 10:32 PM

5 gigs of space isn't a ton room to work with. I recently did a few videos in iMove that came to about 10 minutes each, and with that total length and a handful clips, each file was coming to 3 or 4 gigs. That was 320x320 video from my digital camera too...not great quality by any means.

At any rate,

Go to Preferences>>Import

You'll see a checkbox that says "Limit Scene length to ___" See if that's checked and limiting things.

Hope that helps.


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