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    Do I need an antenna with the Eye TV?
    I've been thinking about getting the Eye TV to watch TV on my MBP, but I want to be absolutly sure about something. I've looked here and other places and havn't found a clear answer yet. I want to know if I will need an antenna to watch TV using my digital cable box. I see alot of ppl complain about having to use an antenna if they want to watch regular TV. I'm hoping all I have to do is plug the stick into my MBP then attatch a coax cable from the stick to my cable jack then load up the software and all that stuff. Can anyne please clear this up for me, I just don't want to get it and end up needing a whole bunch of other stuff.

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    thank you for that pulse-8...i think i have my answer...I can just use my cable hookup...

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    You can thank bobtomay for that SpecialK51288 ...

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