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    iDVD - Can't Burn because of Missing Files

    I have been using iDVD to build a DVD filled with video and pictures. During the process of making the DVD, I moved a bunch of my pictures to a different folder, then added them again. However, now every time I open up iDVD, it says that I have missing files, and it lists all the files. I just pushed cancel every time. Now I want to burn the DVD, but it tells me "There were errors in project validation. These errors have to be fixed before burning the project." and in the drop down menu, it says that there is a broken asset. How do I fix this?

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    I suggest that you move the pictures back to where they originally resided when they were imported into iDVD. It's that simple. OR ... you're gonna have to start from scratch.

    iDVD has a connection with the picture files and you've broken that connection by moving them. You say you've added them again and by doing that you have unresolved alias' within the iDVD session that you've created. This is the "Error in Project Validation" and you either have to remove the association between the iDVD and the missing files OR start over. This is all I can think of and is my opinion of the situation you've described. It seems simple enought that if you pop the pictures back in their original location with their original file names intact, that iDVD will do the rest. Make sure you delete the 2nd instance of these pictures that you imported too. Otherwise you have a doubling up of the same assets which you don't want.

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    Unhappy same problem

    I have the same problem. But I haven't moved or renamed any of the photo's or videos in iphoto. That is where they were originally put. I have also noticed that the broken assets seem to be *** .tiff files but I also have working .tiff files in my slideshow. I have tried exporting the slideshow and playing it through iMovie to burn but the resolution is very poor and the picture ends up being very pixelated.

    Any ideas?


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