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    Question Home videos to youtube?
    I have a lot of home video footage that I really want to get on my computer to edit and play around with so I can make my mom a present for her birthday. My video camera is olllld as as far as I know has 0 cords with it. We have a mixture of VHS tapes (from the old school HUGE video camera) and the mini tapes that fit the one we have now. How can I get these onto the computer without spending a fortune having someone else do it?

    I'm not exactly computer literate so you guys are gonna have to help me out here. Thanks!

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    As far as the VHS tapes... I would think the best thing would be to get one of THESE, get them burned to DVD, then rip them to you mac, and uplaod to YouTube.

    Are the "mini tapes" Mini-DV???

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