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cameronryan 05-10-2007 06:25 AM

Borrowed clips always missing!
Yep, me again!

This has happened before but I've let it go, this time I can't.

I have almost finished a music video tribute to all the colleagues I worked with and 99% of the clips I imported directly from cassette/camera, however I also took about 6 clips from a previous project on a HD by dragging them onto the desktop, quitting movie, ejecting HD, re-loading movie on my current project then dragging them into the clips pane and integrating them where desired.

This works fine until I quit for lunch and re-open later. As the project loads I get the usual box asking me if I want to view trash but before that I get a box telling me that


The file “****_1” couldn’t be opened and is being skipped. Click “Ignore All” to skip any remaining missing file messages.

Then the same to any other clips I imported from elsewhere. Have tried it again and reloading etc... Strangely enough I see a glimpse of the clips I wanted as it keeps the transition tabs!

Does this sound familiar and is there a solution?

Where are ya Pulse old buddy?!! :)

NanoBite 05-10-2007 07:18 AM

Is the missing project file or files the ones that came from the ext HD?

Once you added these 6 other clips, did you preview them once integrated into your project?

PS. I've been watching a movie I taped using my EyeTV device ... it's a Arnie classic ...

cameronryan 05-10-2007 07:24 AM

Yes, yes and what's eye TV?

NanoBite 05-10-2007 07:31 AM

EyeTV is digital terrestrial tv. It's a USB stick that receives the free to air tv here is Aust.

Carnivology-Binhead is fantastic! Love it to bits. Great visually and musically!

So you added the clips and they played in iMovie without hitch. Then you saved the project and when you returned to it ... the "imported 6" were gone? Or still there but unplayable .... What if you drag them back to the section to the right of the viewing pane? Can you upload a screenie?

cameronryan 05-10-2007 07:36 AM

Sounds interesting, thankyou and yes they played without a hitch, then saved, quitted and re-loaded and the "Imported six" (I like that) were gone but it did tell me that as it was loading that one was missing and unless I clicked 'ignore all' it would say and this clip and all the others were also missing, which they were. Gone from timeline and viewing pane also.

A screenie, Pulse?

I've gotta have dinner but I'll be back!

NanoBite 05-10-2007 08:06 AM

1 Attachment(s)
OK, have you checked iMovie Trash (Shift + Command + T)?

So, the 'Imported 6' have vanished in a Twighlight Zone fashion ...?

I really don't know what to say about this Cam .... you've done everything in the correct manner and despite this - the clips have vanished. So there's no real point in uploading a screenshot.

It looks like you need to re-import the '6' again, BUT THIS TIME .... when they are sitting in the Clips Pane and you are ready to drag them to the Timeline .... please promise me you'll press the Option key and copy them to the Timeline instead. This way you will always have the originals intact should the same thing happen again. See my attached image.

cameronryan 05-10-2007 09:14 AM

The duplicate clips are still on the desktop, here's a screenshot (don't know how to thumbnail it, it's a miracle I've managed a screenshot) but notice the highlighted transition tab showing up on the main screen.

I re-loaded two of the clips, pressed the 'Option' key next to the Apple key but nothing happened. Didn't see any option option in the drop downs.

NanoBite 05-10-2007 09:34 AM

When you press the Option key while dragging a clip you copy it. So it stays in the Clips Pane and appears on the Timeline.

Where you have more than one Transition in a row, is that where clips have dissappeared? I'm not sure what the significance of the highlighted Transition is.

cameronryan 05-10-2007 07:32 PM


Where you have more than one Transition in a row, is that where clips have dissappeared?
Not the entire clip, just the fraction taken up by the transition, so the three tabs when played are simply a rapid glimpse of three would be clips that bridge between two 'normal' clips.

I'll try the Option thing again and get back to you.

cameronryan 05-10-2007 09:46 PM

No, didn't make any difference. Apples are wonderful machines but I think they should think twice before using 'It just works' as a slogan.

cameronryan 05-11-2007 07:46 PM


I solved the problem short term by simply not quitting until not only had I completed the project, but uploaded it to YouTube and burned a DVD.

It was saved many times and as I predicted, when re-loaded the two borrowed clips are absent and everything is a few seconds out of time with the music.

Do mission accomplished but problem still there - the mystery continues.

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