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    Video Capture (Don't know if this is the right place to put)
    Hi everyone kind of new here and I had some question on the topic of capturing video from the television and using my mac book pro as a DVR. now I know that the mac book doesn't have any s video inputs or RCA, and that I could just buy a tv tuner usb device like the eskepe? thing. But I don't want to spend 100 bucks on something like that so here is what I was thinking...

    I could just buy a usb to RCA/S-Video and use a program like myVCR to capture it. my first question is: Can this work? How well will the quality be?( not really looking for HD just something good enough to watch, to get an Idea I am used to watching tv on dailymotion and youtube). Do you have any better suggestions that won't cost me more than 20 bucks?

    Anyway thanks for the help.


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    I honestly don't know how much money it is.. but i know its the best.. it might be more then 20.. i think its closer to 50.. wasn't sure if the 20 was a strict budget or a loose one.
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    not really what I am looking for I have like premium cable, I just want to know if my methods will work. I wonder if there is like a box that goes from usb output to like coaxial cable input that could work well to.

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    Here's the best way to do that if you have a sony camera or maybe other brands, get your rca cords that come with the camera and hook it up to audio/video output, then hook the camea to your macbook pro via firewire and switch your camera on to vcr mode, go to MENU>VCR SET>A/V DV OUT and turn that ON. Now hook the other end of the camera's rca cable to the tv and it will come up on you camera's veiwfinder. Then open imovie and you can record wat ever is on your tv or anything else with rca out. If your tv does not have rca out then do it through your vcr's out puts. That's has to be the cheepest way to do it.

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