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    Made an iDVD twice, and it skips in the same spot!
    HELP! I am making a slide show/video DVD for my daughters first birthday, and for some reason it is skipping in the same spot (music). I reburned a second DVD, closed out all the programs, and didnt use the computer. What's going on??? Anyone else have this problem, or know what I am doing wrong???


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    Does it skip playing on your computer or on your DVD player? If the latter, try using a DVD-R instead of a DVD+R (or vice versa). Some DVD players have a definite preference for certain types of media.
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    It is fine when you play it, but once you burn it, that is when it skips. If you put the DVD in the computer, it skips, too...It doesn't matter where you play it, it still skips.

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