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    Capturing HD footage from Sony HC7 to Mac Pro
    Hi all,

    2 weeks with my Mac Pro, and I am converted! Mac's Rock!

    More Newbie-ness though...

    Slightly unrelated to Mac-dom but I've bought the Mac and Final Cut Studio to edir HD footage, only to discover in the small print of my HD camera that the ilink cable will not allow HD to captured down through it from the cam to the Mac. Not entirely unexpected, I'd read that Hi Def consumer camcorders can only really be attached directly to Hi Def TVs. But I feel there must be away around this...

    In addition ilink (firewire) in/output, the camcorder has a component video cable socket, an A/V connecting cable socket and an HDMI out socket. And the MacPro has firewire 400 and 800.

    Q. How do I get HD 1080P 50i footage from the camcorder into FCS to edit?

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    hey. you select a capture preset taht corresponds to your camcorder. aside from normal capture presets, there are advanced presets for certain cameras and the will not capture footage and allow remote control of the camera unless the correct preset is chosen.

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