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Thread: grrrrrrr - crashed lost 2 hours work

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    grrrrrrr - crashed lost 2 hours work
    well i spent 2 hours making this video of a paintball party. music, effects, everything.

    then went to add a title saying 'the end, thanks for watching' and it crashed and lost all my 2 hours work.

    just started to do it again now but any ideas ?

    ps. yes i know i should have saved it more regulary but i was 10 secs from saving it !

    the movie (as an imovie file) is about 6 gb - atm - could be more once music etc is added.

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    10 seconds from saving after 2 hours' work? You must be a real optimist. I know Macs are pretty stable but I'd have been saving every 10 minutes; even if iMovie hadn't crashed, there's always the possibility you'll stuff something up and need to revert.

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    Try looking in the Trash - Recovered Files?

    From my Windows days I habitually save work every few seconds. I don't even have to think about it. In fact I often unconsciously try to save web pages when browsing. I have a thumb button programmed on my mouse for Save, also use Command+S every so often just to catch it out.

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    iMovie seems buggy on Intel Macs. Final Cut Pro is more hard to use, but it is more stable.

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    Save regularly, save often.
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    thanks guys.

    i ALWAYS save reulary - as was about to lol.

    but i have redone most of it now.

    imovie is more stable on my intel mac compared to my ibook g4.

    anyways thanks guys.

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