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    Slow Motion Video in Final Cut Express HD
    I have a video that when played in iTunes, the sound and video don't match up. They're about a second apart. The video and audio look/sound great, they just don't match up. It plays out of sync in quicktime, iTunes, VLC and on my iPod. It is an h.264 movie i converted with iSquint.

    I went into Final Cut Express to try to fix it up, but the video plays in slow motion. The audio is fine, but the first 2 min of the movie take up the entire 20 min of space. How do i get it to work preoperly?

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    This link is interesting. It mentions FCP but I think it will apply to FCX too.

    You could just create a clip length via the cutting tool and select Speed under the Modify tool when you hightlight that clip. You probably want to disconnect your audio clips from the video clip.

    The more complicated render speed is explained further in that link.

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