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    Apple DVD Player quit on me....
    Apple's DVD Player app recently quit on me. Clicking on it, or inserting a DVD, sees it begin to load and then immediately quit. It bounces on the dock for about 1/2 a second and then disappears. Checking the error logs I found this:
    Date/Time: 2004-04-15 01:39:22 +0900
    OS Version: 10.3.3
    Report Version: 2

    Command: DVD Player
    Path: /Applications/DVD Player
    Version: ??? (???)
    PID: 503
    Thread: Unknown

    Link (dyld) error:

    dyld: /Applications/DVD Player can't open library: /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/HIServices.framework/Versions/A/HIServices (No such file or directory, errno = 2)

    When I look under the above (System/library/privateframeworks/...there is no HIServices.framework.
    I have done a search and deleted all files associated with DVD Player, then reinstalled off of Apple's website. I also tried a "Software Restore" off of my system Cds. Nothing seems to work.
    I can't even get into the program to try and play around with preferences etc.
    Does anyone have any idea what I could have done?
    Thanks for you help,

    P.S. I always try to think of recent installs etc. that might have been a catalyst.
    Following advice from the March 2004 MacHome Magazine "Spring Cleaning" column I erased all receipts in my System/Library folder. This was VERY BAD advice. Thereafter I couldn't perform Permission repairs, and was forced to download updates to several hardware devices that were already up to date. Anyways, reprecussions continue to trickle in. I would NEVER screw around in my Systems folder, but I thought I could trust the mag....BIG mistake, one VERY UNHAPPY customer....oh, and they got a letter too
    Thanks again,

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    That must be very frustrating. If repair permissions can't work maybe it's time to boot in single user mode (hold command S after tone) and type fsck until ****FILE SYSTEM CHANGED**** stops showing

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    I had the same problem as you did with Apple’s DVD app - The DVD player icon bounced in the dock for about 1/2 a second and then quit.

    I was searching around, and here is the solution that worked for me:

    Download the from the above link and run the script. You need to have the OSX Install Disc 1 in first before you run the script. After the script is done everything should be fixed.

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