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    Question DVD to Final Cut Pro - HOW????
    My buddy just made a few DVD's so i can make a music video...but when i look at the DVD, it has 2 folders Audio & do i get this into Final Cut???? :confused:

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    Talking Never Mind!
    I figued it out...i found a REALLY GREAT program called DVDxDV and it is a simple one-click process. thanks anyways.

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    ahh, now THIS is a program I've been looking for. thanks!

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    now that I actually tried to use dvdxdv, I found it to be completely un-usable. Every dvd I tried would not work at all. not in the preview window, not in the final rip, not anywhere. theres no shortage of horsepower in my machine, its a brand new g5. I just can't comprehend how no matter what software I try to rip a dvd to my hard drive NOTHING EVER ******* WORKS!!!!!!

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