Ok, so i've used Final Cut Pro HD for awhile. and have never experienced this problem. I recently just purchased a MacBook Pro for editing on the road. And i had to throw a coverage video together really qucikly. So i captured all the video onto my macbook with out the video showing up in the capture window. I've tried nearly everything including audio/video set ups based on my camera and capture method. So when i exported a small web clip you could see the clips, or when playing them in FCP HD you could see the footage. When i made the self-contained version i was not able to see the footage in the clip, and i also couldnt see it when i tried to watch the clips seperately. I tried updates and other methods to try and fix this problem. So basically i need help with figuring out how to get the video importing to show up in the Capture window. As well as how do i get the clips to show up in quick time when i'm trying to watch them outside of FCP! Any help is appreciated thank you!