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    sharing iMovie to wmv
    I have created a 5 min sales presentation in iMovie to send out to customers. (Most use PCs without DVD players). After sharing the iMovie to wmv (with the "Default" setting) then burning to a CD the movie jerks and has poor sound when played from that CD on a PC. The final result is 76MB, 720X480 and a bit rate of 1629kbps. I have shared to wmv with several settings other than "Default" and I get good playback but then the quality of the actual movies (clips) are pixilated and are of very poor quality and a much smaller picture.

    Is there a better way to share the iMovie to wmv to make for good quality viewing when the CD is played on a PC? Would burning to a DVD help? How about sharing to QuickTime in "Full Quality" then bringing that into another iMovie THEN sharing to wmv?

    If necessary a $200 - $300 software investment would be OK. I have an iMac 20" core duo

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    In the share menu choose expert settings, and choose the highest quality setting (lowest compression)

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    Burning to a DVD with TOAST ($79.99) would be great if the people that you are distributing it to don't mind having it on DVD to load on their computers.

    IMO it would be best (and easiest) to export it as an .avi. Then email it out. That would allow the mac users and the windows users to view the presentation.

    I personally MUCH prefer to receive this type of thing on an email, and view it directly from the attachment. I would also be MUCH more apt to actually watch it, if it were an email attachment.

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