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Thread: adding subtitles to a divx movie

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    adding subtitles to a divx movie
    im burning a divx movie and have a separate subtitle file that i want to add to the divx movie befor burning as a divx and when i go to toast 8 and try to add them it wount let me any ideas on how to do this? and i have seen it done befor. and in order to make them play befor the movie started it took u to this screen were u could click on the movie to play it and the subs, u click on the subs then the movie and its good.

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    Try burning in toast as a dvdrom (data) disc and dragging the avi and subtitle file into toast. As a windows (ex)user this was the way I did it in the windows burning software Nero.When the disc is played in a dvd player you select the subtitles on your remote.

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    G'day pbure0110,

    If the above ^^^ advice doesn't work then maybe there will be something in the following links that will help you out:

    wiki_Video_Encoding (see Sub-Titles section)


    SubSyncX is a Mac OS X utility to sync any SubRip (.srt) subtitle file to a QuickTime movie (e.g. A DivX Movie if the DivX Codec is installed).

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    Talking Burn subtititles to AVI/DivX on any mac with Toast8-10
    You can use .srt, OR .idx / .sub. And mix them on same burned DVD. You do NOT need to merge 2CD files. (they will play sequentially with hardly noticeable delay.)
    Open Toast to DATA mode. (NOT the intuitive VIDEO mode)
    Select DVD-ROM (UDF) process. TOAST will now accept the sub files.
    Make sure your .avi and sub files have EXACTLY the same name, EXCEPT for the EXTENSION (what follows the last period... i.e. .srt) If you have 2CD files, this would be a typical example of NAME list window for movie on hard drive>
    Once you have these, they will play with VLC (free player for Windows and Mac) and you may select subtitles at bottom of VLC>VIDEO menu . PLAY - to be sure they are in sync. If not, look at your source, like LOL or XOR, or NoTv. Make sure they match. You may need a different sub. If still out of sync, you may need to use a sub file adjustment program (not for beginners)
    OK Now drag the files from your HD to TOAST window. You shoud be able to get about 4 typical .avi movies on one DVD. The bottom bar GB numbers and green(enough room to burn) or red(not enough space) indicators will tell you.
    Enjoy. Most DivX set top players will invoke/stop subs with a SUBTITLE button on remote. If your .srt file contains multiple languages, it will scroll through them.

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