i have DVD SP 2 and Toast 6. I am burning using a Lacie 8x +/- RW external drive. Normally, I burn -R from DVD SP, but have the need to do a DVD on +R. Toast will do this but I have two issues:

1) Does anyone know how to incorporate the menus from DVD SP into Toast when burning? Do I need to create an ISO file from DVD SP?

2) From what I have read the great advantage to +R is that on some drives you can do "bitsetting" on the actual disk to trick older DVD players that the disk is a DVD-ROM instead of a recordable DVD. It has helped with compatibility on older drives. So, does anyone have experience using Toast 6 to create a DVD-ROM disk with the full DVD image from DVD SP that can play on stand alone players.

I am able to do this on a PC with a bitsetting utility, but prefer to produce the videos on the mac.