Hello everyone. I hope you guys can help me out.

First I must admit that I only know extremely basic stuff about compressing video, codecs, etc. I recently extracted 15 minutes of video from the original DVD of The Passion of the Christ using Cinematize 2. The output codec used was DVCPRO50 - NTSC and it was converted into a .mov file (actually several files since I extracted different portions of the movie making a total of 15 minutes of playback). I wanted the same quality as the DVD and I got it (I used that codec randomly since I don't know too much about them); my issue now is that although I got extremely good video and audio quality the files are just too big (I expected that from the beginning, don't think otherwise), making a total of almost 8GB for just 15 minutes extracted from the movie.

Now the real issue is that I want to compress those .mov files into smaller ones but getting good video quality also. For example, one file is 1.27GB and it's only about 2 minutes of playback; that's too much. I've heard about compressing files more than 50% of their original size and keeping almost the same video quality as the original (if that's not true at least you get the idea of what I mean). I know Quicktime can compress files but actually I don't know if that's the best program to do the task or, for instance, what codec should I use.

I don't have Quicktime Pro, in case you're wondering. Can you point me out which steps should I take to do this compressing thing (software, codecs, etc.). I really appreciate all your help and suggestions. I'm a newbie regarding video editing, compression, etc.