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    Handbrake problem, DVD to MP4 rip
    I've been trying to rip Talladega Nights from DVD to mp4 using Handbrake, but it only rips like the first 30 seconds of the movie, even when I select the title thats over 2 hours long. It's only with this movie too, I've successfully ripped several others using this same program. Anybody have any ideas how to fix this problem?

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    Could it have some sort of copy protection that Handbrake can't get around?
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    Not sure about that...anybody else have any ideas?

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    I had same problem recently..
    with an Elton John concert DVD. It only ripped the opening 20th Century Fox intro and that's it.

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    The problem is unique to Talladega Nights
    I've ripped and encoded about 70 DVDs using HandBrake and Talladega Nights is the first and only DVD where I've had that problem. I got around it by skipping the first "chapter" on the "title" that the movie was on. I lost the first four minutes of the movie but fortunately that was only Ricky Bobby's flashback anyway.

    I didn't check the entire DVD but my hunch was that they put the first few seconds on a separate title to give trouble to people who are ripping and encoding the DVD.

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    The above is an interesting guide to using HandBrake. It mainly aims at teaching users how to convert their DVD movie for use on their iPod, but I have found it most helpful regardless.

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    yes i've recently had the same problem with some releses of Sixth Sense and King Kong. Movie studios have started encrypting the Studio Titles at the very start of the movie, and Handbrake and Mac the Ripper have difficulty getting around it. Sakud's solution is the only one im aware of currently but no doubt there will be a better solution crops up soon enough.

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    Exactly, so what you're asking to do is illegal which is against our forum rules. We do not allow discussion of bypassing encryption or other illegal activity.
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