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    Which Laptop/Graphic card for video editing?

    I am considering buying macBook pro 15" laptop (2.16GHz c2d, 2Gb Ram,120Gb 5200rpm hard disk, ATI X1600 with 128 MB RAM). Apart from other things I want to use it for video editing as well. Can you please tell me if the Graphic card - ATI X1600 with 128 MB RAM sufficient for normal video editing or I should consider going for model with 256 MB RAM card.
    The difference in price for both these laptops seems to be around $300 which I want to spend only if it is absolutely necessary (it comes with a better processor as well but I dont need that)

    Also is 128 graphic card Ok, irrespective of whether I run Final Cut pro or Adobe premiere (on Windows XP running on macBook)

    Also will this graphic card be good enough moving ahead when I upgrade to Leopard and also install Windows Vista as well (do U think Leopard or Vista will mandate a better graphic card as a prerequisite?)


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    The 128 MB card will be more than enough for your needs. What you will want to do is get as much system RAM as you can afford. Apps like video editors are especially RAM hungry, so that is where you are going to notice the boost in performance, not with the graphics card.
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    ya what d3v1l80y said, ram is one of the most important thing and your hard drive. 2gb ram is very good, even for HD editing. 120 hd should be good too but you may need a external hard drive if yo edit a lot of video at once. And dont wory about Leopard.

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    Thanks for your responses.

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