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    Sony camcorder to iMovie: sync to audio!
    Hi! I am new to this forum, so thank you in advance to people who take the time to read my post or respond with advice. = )

    A quick profile: I run OS 10.4.7 on a dual 1.25 ghz desktop power mac. My version of iMovie is 04, but I purchased 06 and it is on its way.

    Allow me to try and explain what I intend to do.

    I will own a Sony camcorder soon, probably by tomorrow, (30 gig Hard drive type, price 599.00). I am a musician. I intend to play and sing over stuff I have already multitracked and mixed in Logic Pro 7.

    My live performance, over the top of that, I plan to capture with the Sony camcorder.

    Then, of course, I will (or attempt to anyway) use iMovie to capture that video from the Sony camera.

    Now, I will have an audio version from the Sony's condenser microphone of all parts: the pre recorded stuff coming from my speakers, and the stuff I perform live.

    But, as I will be recording as I do this to Logic, I am sure the audio from Logic will be much better. I would either mix the two, or mute the Sony's audio completely and just use the Logic 7 audio. This would be a stereo file, mixed down from Logic, in standard audio format. Something iMovie would certainly understand.

    I know that the audio i record to Logic and the Sony won't be synced (one doesn't know the other exists), but using my ears and eyes, it is possible to line them up, right?

    I don't need down to the sample accuracy as one would when film scoring, just the ability to line up: nudge the audio in iMovie back and forth until I am satisfied with the sync.

    I look forward to your response. Thank you!

    P.S. I have not purchased the camcorder yet. I am not set on Sony; a JVC or Panasonic camcorder is also an option. If you know Sony camcorders to be incompatible with Mac, please say so. Of course Sony's software that comes with the camera won't worn on Mac. (I'm used to being a Mac person in a PCcentric world) If iMovie can capture the video, then I think that will be enough.

    Thanks again.

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    In iMovie there are two extra tracks for audio. You can place your extra track there by dragging it. You than can shift the audio to the frame level. You can then remove the check mark on the right side of the video track to remove its audio, I think.

    Use 'Show Clip Volume Levels' to create drops in locations of the audio.

    You might be better off using Garage Band for this type of thing. I'd suggest to play with both.

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