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    Taking stills from video... need help!
    Hello all you wonderful Mac users!

    Well, I finally joined the cult and bought my first Mac after being a PC user for the last thirteen or so years... and so far I'm rather impressed! It's a MacBook Pro by the way, not a desktop one (in case that makes a difference to my question?).

    Anyway, on my PC I would use Windows Movie-Maker to play video footage and could click a button to take a .jpg still from anywhere in the movie. I'm not great with computers and have not yet figured out a way to do this on my Mac.

    I did manage to create a still using iMovie HD, but it was still in a .mov format (if I remember rightly?) and didn't act like a normal photo would.

    Is there a program that somebody could please recommend that is as basic as Windows Movie-Maker that will allow me to take .jpg stills from my movies? I don't need anything complicated as this is pretty much all I will be using it for.

    Any advice greatly appreciated,


    Drew :yinyang:

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    While in iMovie, select the still frame in question. Then from the file drop down menu, select save frame.
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    Ah, fantastic. I do love a simple solution!

    Thanks for that! Really appreciate it!

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    How to get from iPhoto to iMovie
    I love the simplicity of this! I just don't know how to get the movie into iMovie from iPhoto. Export?

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    If the movie is in iPhoto, it will automatically show up in iMovie.


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