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    Mark Alsop
    burning audio only to DVD
    Perhaps there is a blank DVD disc just for audio? If so, how would I burn audio to that?
    At the moment I am trying to burn an audio only track to DVD on a dvd-R disc. I am on Panther and have a superdrive plus Toast 6 Titanium. My objective is to play this disc in a common DVD player. I wish to burn 2 to 3 hours of music onto the DVD-R. My files are created in Pro-Tools and are currently AIFF. This, ofcoarse, can be changed to whatever format I need to allow burning. I am only aware of DVD-r. Is there a DVD-A (Audio????)

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    simple do it as if you are going to burn a music cd, choose audio and stack you files in it should just detect the media you put in ( your dvd ) and start burning it, Now me i did it just as a normal data disc and included mp3's on it now it still works on your dvd player..well ones that play mp3's that is and all is good. if those options dont work for you click and hold on other tab in toast it will give you addition options

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