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    Angry iDVD help! burning problem
    So i made a dvd of home movies for my mom and i put 3 "features" on there, each about 10 minutes long and then a section of "bonus features" with other funny little videos. it worked fine in the preview that idvd lets you do HOWEVER when i BURNED it, ONE of the videos would play WITHOUT ANY SOUND!!!! and i dont know why! i have tried reimporting the file into idvd and i've looked for sound settings but i dont know what was changed! i have reburned the disc 3 times and tried it on mutliple dvd players but its just that ONE movie that plays without any sound! what do i do?

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    Ya I been having problems with imove too. I dont know what could be the problem with it if it plays through idvd preview fine it should burn the same way. Try callin tech support.

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