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    Question HELP: Sony HDD camcorder to iDVD/i Movie compatibility issues
    Hi, I have recently bought a Sony HDD Camcorder DRC SR80. When I connected it to my macbook (intel processor), it recognises the camcorder as an unknown storage device.(The video files are recorded as mpeg2 muxed format) I am able to access the files but when I play it on Quicktime Player ( I have bought the Pro version and also the MPEG 2 pack) it doesnt play the audio (but the video plays). Hence the audio doesnt play in the iMovie as well. iDVD doesnt recognize the handycam as a camcorder at all, so I cannot use the one touch DVD burn. To top it Sony doesnt provide a software for Mac but it gives a pixela link to buy a software.. the catch is the pixela software only works with power pc and not with my intel based macbook. Is there a way out??

    ps: The Sony camcorder doesnt have a firewire port but only a mini USB port.


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    Use MPEG Streamclip
    I have the same problem with my new SONY HDD camera and Intel based MacBook Pro. Tried to use VLC player to convert MPEG2 to MPEG 4 format but it does not work well. Then find MPEG Streamclip from and converted original MPEG2 file to QuickTime format movie - the ".mov" file extension and it works perfectly in QuickTime and iMovie. Just use Export to QuickTime... from File menu.

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