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Thread: Problems with DVD's stopping/sticking

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    Problems with DVD's stopping/sticking
    Hi all,

    I was wondering if anyone could help me with a frustrating issue. I have several DVD movies that seem to stick at the exact same spots during playback. Sometimes I can scan past it, but certain ones won't play past and the movie will end there.
    One title was from two separate sources and seemingly different types of DVD blanks were used. Seems like something in the TS VIdeo or VOB Files. Is there a way to copy the files to another format, fixing the problem, then reburn?
    I am using a MacBook, and have iDVD,iMovie,FastdvdCopy, and Mac the Ripper.



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    drag all the files off of the dvd into a folder or something then insert a blank dvd and copy the files back in (not the folder though) and try to burn it. it may not work if the disk is copy protected

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