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    I made a few home movies a few years ago and would like to edit them on my Mac. The movies are on DVD and were created with my Windows PC. The PC wrote the files in VOB format which is the standard Video format for DVDs.

    Is there any Mac software that will edit VOB files? There has to be something out there. Or even something to convert VOB files on the Mac to some other format so that I can edit my old movies as I had no access to video editing software back then.

    I noticed that this question was asked in a few other forums, but there were no replies. Perhaps that means that there is no way to convert VOB on a Mac?


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    VOB files are the standerd file type for a dvd no matter what you burn them with. Im prerry sure they arent editable but ive been wrong before.

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    if they are still on the dvd you can rip it into a .mov instead of vob with Handbrake (

    if they are on your hard drive now, you must burn them onto a dvd to use hanbrake as handbrake works from the dvd. Depending on what mac you have, it may take a long time (on my powermac quad it take 10 minutes per hour of footage to rip)
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    Use isquint to change your .vob files to mp4s

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