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    adding iTunes while recording w/ QT, iSight and external audio source
    long enough title? Sorry about that...

    Im using a G5 iMac w/ the iSight. I enjoy recording myself play guitar, so I can watch my hands to see what I could do better. For my audio source, I am using a Line 6 TonePort, which is a USB port that allows an instrument input. When Im recording w/ Quicktime, I set the TonePort as my audio input.

    Im wanting to record a few diddies with me playing along with a song. Is there anyway to have the audio from iTunes to be recorded as I play along? The only way that I can get that to happen is to use the internal mic and record me playing w/ an amp. The sound quality is...well...crap.

    I don't know if this is possible, but I figured someone here might know.

    Thanks in advance

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    Check out audio hijack:

    It will record any sounds currently being played on your computer...

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