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Thread: DVD regions

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    Sep 29, 2006
    DVD regions
    Does anybody know if there is DVD-region free for mac as here is for windows?!?!?!? f you do could somebody possibly give me a link to it to download.
    Thanks a lot

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    Oct 27, 2005
    I'm not 100% but HandBrake might be....Also try MacTheRipper.

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    no, I don't think handbrake is. I tried it on some Japanese DVD's, and I don't think it recognised the DVD.

    VLC has region free playback, if that's what you're after Syslik.

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    Dvd region free
    this one, has come up since i started using a mac
    and VLC always comes as a reply, but the simple truth is
    a mac drive is set to one region at a time with up to six changes

    therefore the mac won't let you use anything other than drive your machine is set to, in my experience it kicks out VLC also with most discs preventing playback.

    unless you 'flash' the drive which i beleive invalidates your warranty, and is downright dangerous then you are stuck on one region.

    if anyone knows any better let us know :black:

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