My dilemma is not using Soundtrack Pro, rather it is the interacation between STP and FCP that I am having problems with. I am desperately hopeful that someone can help explain the proper way to edit a Final Cut sequence in Soundtrack Pro. I tried to follow the directions to export FCP sequences to STP, but my "Send To>Soundtrack Pro File Project" was greyed out so I couldn't use that option, which is what the STP manual states to do. Therefore, I exported my sequence (which has about 100 clips) as a STP Multitrack Project. I spent days editing it in STP, utilizing the Waveform editor (non-destructive). I then saved the project, imported the "stap" file into FCP, laid it down as an FCP track, and it was 35 seconds longer then the original FCP track, yet I added nothing new in STP. I am not sure if I properly imported the FCP sequence into STP to begin with, and futhermore, not sure if I exported the STP project, and subsquent re-import into FCP, correctly. If anybody can give a brief description on how to do this, it would be greatly appreciated.