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    Jan 16, 2005
    Converter for ipod/PDA
    i want to convert movies created through imovie into format for ipod video or pda (haven't decided to upgrade my ipod or buy palm TX PDA!).
    What software is best for this as I would need 320x480 resolution for pda or 320x240 h264 format for ipod

    Any suggestions please, preferably freeware!!!!

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    Can't iMovie create it for the iPod?

    Open iMovie go to the menu and click share then iPod

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    Jan 16, 2005
    Imovie will only share with email, camera, idvd, quicktime or bluetooth. no option for ipod.

    I am really after some software that will convert a quicktime file to a resolution compatible with ipod or PDA

    What file formats should i use for each to keep size down but maintain quality

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    The latest version of iMovie does have an iPod option...

    Anway, I'd recommend iSquint. It has a built-in iPod preset, but can also create other format films.

    For max. quality at minimum size use h.264. But it is quite processor intensive and might not run on the PDA. In that case use Mpeg4 basic codec.

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    i agree with aptmunich

    go here

    i've made a few and this software works seemlessly :mac:

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