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    Final Cut Pro & HD also IMAC or PowerMAC??
    Hey everyone

    Right time to get preaching for all of you as i am a PC user looking to move to a MAC! I had a real long look through the apple website at Final Cut Pro and it look seriously good! I also like how the Mac looks and its performance specs.
    I have been doing films for a while now have footage broadcast on websites and DVD's. I have been using Pinnacle and its all well and good for DV footage but just dies at High Definition.
    So i guess what im looking for is some more convincing that getting a mac and using final cut is a good idea!?!

    Also, being completely new to Macs i need to know if anyone is using Final cut with HD footage and what spec of mac they recommend? I dont mind waiting a while for the rendering, but the capture and the quality of footage must be maintained at a good to high level. Also i dont want the computer to get bogged down on the time line and when previewing. I would like it to be as smooth and hassle free as possible!
    I like the look of the new 20" IMac, but am also aware of the capabilities of the Power Mac. But will the Imac do the job nicely? Is the Power Mac really necessary?

    My Thanks in advance. . .

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    I'd recommend at least a 2.0Ghz Processor (Dual if you get a PowerMac).
    As much RAM as financially possible (4GB in a PowerMac would be awesome).
    At least a 128MB Video card.
    At least 300Gb of storage, depends on what you're doing, but the more the better. Make sure they're 7200rpm drives, too.

    ...and a monitor that will display 1920x1080 progressively for true 1080p action.

    So, the newer iMac fits most of these spces, you'd be fine with using it occasionally, but a PowerMac would be your better bet.
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