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    Adobe After Effects vs Shake
    Hi, I'm considering buying a software for making visual effects on my videos. Just wondering if anybody uses After Effects or Shake? And if so, which would you guys recommend?

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    I use After Effects ALL the time, even for emailing and listening to music (joking)

    I do like it alot, and version 7 has a lot to offer, but having used After Effects for so long, I feel like I have ran into a brick wall. Plus, I am very very interested in learning shake, been looking at a few classes on it. It is just the layout and workflow of AE is a bit long, in that, I find myself jumping between programs with it all the time, plus I do a lot of Chroma Key work, and Tracking work, both of which have been very time consuming in After Effects. I have had a go on other compositing titles, and in these, it is like, click and pop, out comes your green screen, or click, and it scene is steady again.

    I dunno. try the trial After Effects and see for yourself, I don't honestly know much about Shake, as I have never used it, but I have watched as many free video tutorials as i could on the net, and have drooled over the way it works.

    I hope this helps in some small way, but if you have any specific questions about AE, then please post back, and I will try and answer them for you.


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    Wow, thanks for the info. Will give AE a trial run first.

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    you can get things done with both. considering todays pricing shake looks more appealing to me (499 vs 999) AF. AF is very powerful in 2D animations and graphics. you can do the same 2D in shake + very advance 3D.

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