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    Question importing & organizing video, other options?
    Looking for a better solution for importing & organizing raw video. I am using imovie for now. Soon to switch to FC express. After much exploring & learning on my new machine (recent convert), I’m a bit frustrated on how video is handled.

    Please correct any of these that I’ve got wrong, but it appears that:
    Importing video (from DV camera) with programs provided on my machine can only be done through imovie and idvd.
    Importing video through these programs requires creating a project, and importing the video to that project.
    Then that imported video is associated with that project.

    So I want to take the imported clips (say from imovie), and organize them in a library for archiving, use on other projects, backup, etc. I know I can find the actually video files by control clicking on the project in finder, hit show package, and get to “clip 1, clip 2...clip 55”. Now I’ve got say 55 separate clips, for just one import. Not good!

    I’d like to efficiently organize my various raw videos by year/event etc. So that when working a project, a can pull in the different footage that I want to use. For instance, I previously had imported and organzied raw video with my PC editing software, and now, thankfully, I can just bring those specific clips from the external drive into Imovie and edit.

    Is there a better solution for import & organizing my raw video clips more efficiently with imovie or idvd?? Or perhaps another program. Such that I’ve got ½ hr of video “Christmas 05”, one file, archived, and can pull it into projects in the future... Ideally maintaining the clip breaks. Am I asking to much from apple? How do you all manage/archive your imported video?

    Much thanks for any feedback!

    (other than this, since going Mac, I'm actually have fun on a computer for the first time)

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    I don't do video but on a side note, my sister lives in Italy! Good to meet you.

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    import using some form of toast titanium. it is SO much easier than iMovie

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    When you switch to final cut express you will not have that issue, it does not import the same way as imovie. Just make sure you have a very fast computer (macbook pro, macpro, powermac dual 2.0 or higher are all safe) if you are capturing clips more then 20 minutes or you will get an audio slip (can be fixed, just annoying) otherwise, import in spirts of 20 minutes put in your timeline then export it.
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    Thanks all-
    1) Just quickly checked out toast and looks good. I am getting more and more familiar with my 1st mac, and I think I'll want a program like toast anyway for more in depth dvd/cd authoring, especially if it can address this video import issue.

    2) powerbookG4 - This may be the motivation i need to spring for FC express now and start with it. I know there's a learning curve, but I've worked with other PC video editing software and pick it up quick. Imovie looks great for a basic app, but I think after a project or 2 I'll be really wanting the more pro features. Glad to hear it imports better, so I take it the file structure of the imported video is easier to work with, outside of the program? How does it set up the files? (my machine is an imac G5 core due 20", with a desperate need for ram upgrade, certainly when I go fc express)

    ciao Sydrocentric, life in Italy is good...

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