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Thread: Is it possible to eventually make and burn movies w/o a superdrive?

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    "The problem is, I need to buy a new portable hard drive, and I don't want to go out and buy one if this process doesn't work.
    I understand that. However, if you generate, for example, a small slideshow in iPhoto and export it via iDVD, it should only be a hundred megabytes or so. This can quite easily be transferred on to another machine either over the network, or on a CD-R. You can then try burning this image and see if it works. If it does, go ahead and get the external hard drive.

    On the other hand, if this is just one of many uses for the external drive, why not get one anyway? They aren't much more than the bare drives these days so it might be worth investing for backup purposes. If the disk image trick works, then it's a bonus

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    Quote Originally Posted by yogi
    iMovie doesn't burn anything, it only sends stuff to iDVD. You cannot simply port a iMovie project file to Windows.
    If you edit a movie in iMovie couldn't you
    File > Share
    dropdown > Full Quality DV
    (it will compress into a Quicktime File)

    and then burn that Quicktime file as data onto Cd and then put it in the PC and then burn it do a DVD if the PC has a burner (depending on file size)?

    takes a while to compress but it's faster than burning on the G5 we have at work

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    and then burn that Quicktime file as data onto Cd and then put it in the PC and then burn it do a DVD if the PC has a burner (depending on file size)?
    If you do that you'd incurr the full reencoding time on the mac and then on the PC as well. Also, you would lose quality, regardless of the Quicktime setting. Also, if you had mastered it with menus or similar, they would be missing. The best thing really is to transfer the disk image.

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    If you make an image on the Mac that is either .DMG or .IMG, you can in the Terminal convert it to an .ISO and burn it on the PC. I had not done this in maybe 2 years so wanted to be sure before I posted.

    If the image on the Mac is a .IMG (which is what iDvd makes) do this in the Termnial.

    1. Open Terminal (in /Applications/Utilities).
    2. Type "hdiutil convert" (without quotes) and then a space.
    3. Drag whatever the image is into the Terminal window.
    4. Type "-format UDTO -o isoimage.iso" (without quotes) and then press return.
    5. It's done when it says "created: isoimage.iso.cdr" and then prints one more line.
    6. isoimage.cdr is in your home folder.
    7. Just do a Rename and take off the .cdr it puts on the end and leave it as just .iso. It will ask if you want it cdr or iso, just say iso. Then you can network copy the .iso to your PC and Nero or Roxio will burn it. This works as I just tried it to refresh my memory and be sure it worked.

    If you want to convert a .DMG image to an .ISO it's the basic same thing.

    hdiutil convert /path/to/filename.dmg -format UDTO -o /path/to/savefile.iso

    Replace /path/to/filename.dmg with the path and name of the existing .DMG file, and replace /path/to/savefile.iso with the desired path and name for the converted image.

    Hope this might help. It's saved me in the past as I have to work with Windows and sometimes use the Mac do make my image and need windows to read and burn it for the customer.

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    Thanks for all the info man, I am going to try this out this weekend. I have a 1 Gb thumbdrive, so I will work with one of my shorter movies and see if this works.

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