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    Strange bug in iDVD outputted movies - shifting/blurry photos
    My wife has been working on a photo slideshow DVD. It works great and everything plays smoothly on the computer, but after she burns it to DVD there are 3 photos that do this blurry shifting thing. It's very noticeable and not very attractive.

    She is using an Intel iMac, latest updates. She takes it from iMovie to iDVD. It doesn't have the problem when previewing in iDVD. We have tried burning it straight to DVD and also burning it to a disc image, then to DVD. Same problem in multiple DVD players as well. There are 110 photos in the movie and only 3 of those photos do the weird blur thing. They are sequential as well - 3 photos in a row. Very odd. Any ideas?
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    Curious, are the pictures in question in portrait or landscape? Also, are you using Ken Burns?
    I did the same thing and 1 picture that was portrait w/ Ken Burns on gave me a shimmery "moving" effect on a window behind the subject.
    I wonder if Ken Burns is causing the effect. Try it with out if you are using it.

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