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    Question Problems playing ts files on macbook
    I am trying to play deadwood recorded in HD at 1080i with the file extension .ts. I am trying to output the video to my sony 32v2000 tv via the pc input from my macbook. However when playing the video back with VLC its suffers from bad deinterlacing ie distinct banding on motion sequences. My macbook is the 2gig model and has 2 gig of ram.

    I have tried the video on my desktop pc using both windows media player and media player classic and it plays fine.

    I have tried again using my macbook this time booting into windows using bootcamp. The video works fine with media player classic but this doesn't seem to have a playlist opption for playing the seperate bits of the movie in sequence. Windows media player doen't output sound via the optical interface but otherwise plays the video fine. But again VLC give me banding.

    I would much perfer to use the macbook in mac mode to play the video so does anyone have a fix for VLC or can recomment an alternative player for .ts files on the Mac.

    I can live with booting to windows if anyone knows how to get media player classic to play the .ts files in order without any breaks.

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