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Thread: Imovie - FCP Problems

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    Imovie - FCP Problems
    I'm having a problem! A friend of mine has started to edit his wedding video in iMovie, all fine. However its now running to nearly an hour and a half and iMovie isn't doing all he wants. I suggested moving it to FCP.
    We have followed the standard of route of opening the iMovie project in FCP and it works - sort of!
    We get the first 27 minutes or so of the timeline not a problem, the rest of the timeline is full of huge holes between the clips and I mean half hour long holes, as you can imagine the timeline is huge about 7 and half hours long. I went through and cut out all the holes but it only left us with 40 or so minutes of the cut sequence?
    I can only assume there is a setting somewhere either in the saving of the project in iMovie or the opening of it in FCP. Anyone got any ideas???
    Help MUCH appreciated

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    What is it exactly that your friend wants to do? Would make things a bit easier to answer for you. :black:
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    He's working on an Emac which is a couple of years old now so its really starting to struggle everytime he adds an effect etc. Just moving around the timeline now is taking a while. So basically wants to move his project onto one of the quad G5's at our work and onto FCP to basically speed the whole process up and do some nice colour correction etc.

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