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    How Do I Compress for the Web??
    Hey I have 7 minutes of edited DV video, on final cut, that I want to compress to be able to put on the web. I tried using compressor to compress it using codec thats preferably for web downloads. When it entered the batch process window, after i set the codecs and all, it failed. I tried other codecs and it failed too. Is there anything else I can do. Ideally I would like to compress so I can email it. I tried lowering quality, the video has no audio tracks, but no matter what I've done with Exporting as a quicktime movie or using quicktime conversion, it just doesnt seem to work. Maybe I'm doing something wrong.


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    I still need to learn how to use compressor, but I'm sure you could just export it right from FCP. If you go to Export -> Using QuickTime Conversion. You then have a tonne of options like 'Lan/Internet' or 'Broadband - High' and others. Even custom settings using different dimensions and such. Give it a shot.

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