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Thread: FCP, Archiving project?

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    FCP, Archiving project?
    hey guys. How can i do this? id like to basically take all the media used in a project, put it in one folder, then burn that to DVD

    the project is finished, however, its darn good work, and we KNOW we'll revisit it again sometime. It takes up much space between a mac and a pc. We know we could get it down to a dual layer DVD easily

    how can i do this?

    Also, isnt there an EXPORT AS .ISO/.DMG in DVDStudio pro?
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    I'm really not positive on this, but maybe you could try this out:

    If you know FCP, you know that all media for the project is kept in ~/Documents/Final Cut Pro Documents/. Take this folder, along with the project file and burn that to a DVD. Then when you would like to work on the project again, put in the DVD, copy that "Final Cut Pro Documents" folder to your Documents folder, and double click the project file.

    Like I said though, this may or may not work. I've never had to do it.
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    I think i found my answer

    I go into the project, while all media is online, go to media manager. Create a new folder in finder, and then set the destination to there. Tell it to MOVE all files.

    Im gonna try this in a little bit, i hadda wait for all my comps to be online with my media.
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