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    Movie help
    I made a movie in iMovieHD for work as a promotional piece. The movie is 640x480. When I export the movie the quicktime file looks great. When I take it into iDVD and burn my DVD it looks like crap. The images are pixelated and blurry. Why is this happening?

    I have used iMovie with iDVD for photo movies and the images always have looked crisp. I figure iDVD is recompressing the movie and that is why it looks bad.

    I also tried to author the DVD straight from iMovieHD using the iDVD button and it looked a little better but not the way it should. Thanks for any help.

    I am using a dual 2gig G5 running OS X10.4.6.

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    How big is your file? If its too big to fit on the DVD, iDVD is probably compressing it to fit, so it would look bad.
    Also make sure you are using a high quality DVD media. I suggest DVD-R, I think they are more compatable with consumer DVD palyers.

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