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    TVMiniHD vs EyeTV 250
    I'm in the market for a PVR for my new MacBook Pro.

    What would you recommend: the Miglia TVMiniHD or the ElGato EyeTV 250?

    So far, it seems to me that the benefits of the TVMini is the ability to record in HD and the included over the air antenna. But can it also record if it is plugged into the wall (i.e. analog cable)? What does everyone know about this PVR?

    As for the EyeTV 250, the benefits seem to be the included game console mode and the ability to record from a cable box and satellite. What do you know about this PVR?

    And what do you all recommend? the Miglia? or the ElGato?


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    The eyeTV 250 and TVmini HD are quite different products really. The eyetv can only recieve analouge signals (analouge cable or tv, and this also lets you use game mode). The TVmini HD can only receive digital signals (in the US I think you call it atsc, in the UK we call it DVB). Basically it is a trade off, the TVmini can get the digital signals, which are better quality than analouge (and the TVmini can get HD digital too, which is even better) but it means you can't use it in things like game mode, or hook up an analouge video signal.

    I think you get free-to-view digital TV in the US right? that's what atsc is isn't it? If you go for the TVmini you might need to make sure you have coverage where you live, or you can connect digital cable to it (only if it is free-to-view, the TVmini can't use encrypted/pay-to-view cable). Another thing you should check out is that according to miglia's site (here ), you have to have a dual G5 to via full 1080i HD broadcasts, the new macbook pros might be able to handle it though.

    The choice really comes down to what sort of TV you have access to (digital, analogue, free-to-view, pay-to-view etc).

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