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    Converting fullscreen (4:3) video to widescreen (16:9)
    Is it possible/feasable to convert a fullscreen video to widescreen with any of the software that comes with the mac (MacBook Pro)? Or would it be better to use Final Cut Pro/Express?

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    well truely converting it will stretch the image, distorting it. If you how ever want to make it look like 16:9 you can but a wide screen mask on it.. I don't know if this can be done in imovie but it can be done in final cut.
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    I have used the wide screen option in iMovie. I am not sure of the final result, since all I have is a widescreen television. But everything looks good to me.
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    Will my TV then think the movie is anamorphic?

    What I'd really like to do is take one of my fullscreen movies and somehow paste the bars on the side to give it the 16:9 ratio. At that point I'd like to burn the movie to dvd, so now my TV thinks it's getting widescreen info and I won't have to chose zoom, justify, or strech on my TV.

    Also would it be possible to take a widescreen movie, that isn't anamorphic or not enhanced for widescreen, (The Abyss: SE for instance) and make it anamorphic?

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