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    Transfer miniDV to iBook?
    Hello, I own an iBook G4 and my camcorder is a Sony DCR-PC1000. The camcorder comes with a docking station, a USB cable, and a media cable.

    Can anyone tell me how to transfer movies from the miniDV tape onto my iBook?


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    You'll need a firewire cable, and connect the firewire cable from the camera to the iBook, and use iMovie or whatever video program to transfer your video. USB does NOT work with transfering video.

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    Thanks for your fast answer. Is i.Link a firewire cable?

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    Yes, Sony's i.Link is actually a 4-pin Firewire 400 connector. What you need is a 6-pin to 4-pin Firewire cable, should be easy to find.

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